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Zahra is a mega residential, touristic and hospitality development by Memaar Al Morshedy located at KM 124 on Egypt’s North Coast. It is only a stone’s throw either way from Hacienda Bay, a mere 15-minute drive from Al-Alamein Airport and overlooks the white sands and pristine waters of the Mediterranean.

With both a unique and convenient location, the project is set to become a landmark development, capitalizing on the many rewards this setting has to offer; including a mild climate abundant sunshine and a refreshing sea breeze.

The project stretches over an area of approximately 890 acres, comprising a total of 6 distinctive zones and boasts a 650-meter waterfront, with a built-up area of around 17%.

It features a variety of finished and semi-finished units of different areas; ranging from villas, to chalets, townhouses and twin houses – all with exceptional water views and distinctive internal designs.

Safe and spacious courtyards dot these residential clusters, providing the perfect opportunity for residents of all ages to engage in outdoor activities such as socializing, barbequing and much more.

A vibrant commercial and entertainment strip anchors the development and contains a downtown area overlooking the main external thoroughfare, for quick and easy access.

It is part of a mixed-use area incorporating luxurious hotels, boutique hotels, food and beverage outlets, shopping malls as well as residential units.

This is the area made accessible to the wider public and branches into the private zones as you move further towards the coastline, which features a distinguished elevated zone overlooking the sea.

A Court Island centers Zahra and features several branded restaurants and cafes.

A central park featuring waterfront restaurants, cafes and entertainment outlets also constitutes another main attraction at Zahra. With a skating rink, jogging tracks, bike lanes, picnic areas, bazaar and party spaces it offers a plethora of sights and sounds and promises to suit every taste and whim.

The main clubhouse is exclusively reserved for the access of residents and is connected to the central hub by a series of footbridges.

Promenades, a dog park and ample parking areas also contribute to an exceptional level of luxury, comfort and convenience you can except to encounter here.

The external commercial area is spotted by Venetian-style canals, which further contribute to the aesthetic charm of this development.

The multiple zones of the project are interconnected by a network of spacious main roads and secondary routes, making all areas easily accessible and well connected.

Pedestrian pathways are also spread throughout the project, with and electric tramway serving to further connect and provide quick and convenient transport via its numerous stations.

All zones boast swimming pools for both adults and children as well as spacious playgrounds amidst the lush greenery.

Zahra grounds are dotted with lakes, lagoons and infinity pools; featuring cabanas and decks equipped with pool bars. These water features are bordered by jogging lanes and bike routes, against a backdrop of exquisite landscaping, which features extensively throughout the project.

The development also boasts a fully equipped sports club with designated fields and courts catering to various sports and athletic activities.

The various unit types enjoy a subtle and simple design, with an architecture that is sleek as it is elegant. Tucked-in terraces overlook the widespread water features and provide ample opportunity for relaxation and comfort.

Ground units boasts private gardens, whereas upper units enjoy a roof terrace, with all units being built on the concept of platforms and terraces.

Numerous peripheral access points are available exclusively for residents, so that they may enjoy quick and convenient access to their respective units at all times.

Units are located in cozy cul-de-sacs overlooking the sea, with sea-view units constituting approximately 80% of the entire development.

An advanced security system and qualified security personnel add an elevated sense of safety and security to all residents around the clock.

Such a landmark development is sure to leave an impressionable footprint in the foreseeable future.

With its full suite of integrated offerings, services and amenities, Zahra is set on becoming a destination of choice for avid summer and beach lovers; thanks to its diverse and varied options that cater to all preferences, from excitement to serenity and everything in between.

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Zahra North Coast

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